1. Can I return the product?

Ans – Unfortunately, you’d be unable to return digital products.


2. I ordered the PSN Digital Card from an online website but I haven’t received the code. What should I do?

Ans – You have nothing to worry about! The voucher code is sent to your email address. Check your Inbox / Spam / Promotions / Updates folder in your email account.


3. I am getting the error that the voucher code is already redeemed. What do I do?

Ans – There’s a way out. Please check your transaction history on playstation.com in order to find the last code redeemed and contact the retailer for further assistance. In case the code has been used in any of the other PSN accounts or gifted after delivery then the retailer would be unable to help.


4. Can I gift the voucher code?

Ans – By all means! After the purchase, the voucher code can be gifted to your friends/family holding an Indian PSN account.


5. Can I redeem the same voucher code on 2 PSN account?

Ans – A single voucher code is redeemable on one PSN account.


6. I am receiving error code WC-40376-0. Please help?

Ans - We have got you. The digital code is locked to the India region. Kindly redeem it on the Indian PSN account.


7. Can I redeem another PlayStation Plus Membership on my current active membership?

Yes! You can redeem another PlayStation Plus Membership on your current membership. The validity will be extended based on the membership plan.


8. I redeemed the Add-on on PS Store but I don’t see anything in Downloads, what do I do?

Ans - Add-ons like DLC and Season Pass are in-game content. After redeeming, the content is automatically added into the base game.