Alice (Own World) Diary

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Doodle Collection
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The best feeling in the world is being lost in your own. When you dont have to worry about anything or anyone and can be yourself, unapologetically. And who knows how to be lost better than Alice. A whole new world of possibilities opened up for Alice when she followed her intuition and a suited-up rabbit. Though this new world brought a lot of confusion and some trouble, she was strong and determined and made her way through it and came out the other side. Alice teaches us that we might not be what the society wants or expects us to be, but if we are happy with who we are, we do not need to worry about anything in the world. Designed for all the brave and opinionated Alice in the world, this diary by Doodle is a must-have. You can use it as a daily journal or to write poems or to keep your life organised or to keep your mind sharp. This journal has a stylish front cover that features an ornate design in blind deboss and the words In a world of my own in colour foil. Featuring rounded edges and theme-based end pages, this notebook is surely a stylish choice for everyday writing.

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