Iron Man (Heavy Metal) Notebook

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Witty humour and unmatched style are two things that perfectly describe our beloved Iron Man. His narcissistic personality and armoured red suit add to his undeniable swag. Even when Iron Man was fighting the bad guys and literally saving the world from ending, he never lost his humour and his charm. If you are looking for some similar inspiration in your life, buy this Iron Man diary from Doodle Collection and keep Iron Mans resilience and his charm close to your every single day.This notebook has some theme-based inserts with interesting activities like quizzes and colouring pages. You can flaunt your knowledge of your favourite superhero team by answering the quiz included or you can colour your favourite Avenger the way you choose and give their outfits a makeover. To keep it as stylish as Iron Man, each of the ruled A5, 192 pages in this hard bound PU diary is adorned with a themed artwork. The front cover of this journal features two Iron Man silhouettes in blind deboss and the words Heavy Metal in colour foil.

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