Mary Poppins (Perfect) Diary

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Doodle Collection Pvt Ltd
PU & Paper
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192 pgs
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Doodle Collection
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Are you practically perfect? Do you feel like there is nothing you cant do and no one you cant win over? Do you believe that imperfection is just an excuse for people who slack? Do you feel confident in everything that you do? Well, this diary was created just for you to match your unbelievable self-belief and undying style. Beautifully written black text placed on a dull mustard yellow background gives this notebook a striking look. Designed with theme-based end pages, this diary oozes classy and unmatched style. This hard bound PU notebook is designed with rounded edges that add finesse to its overall look. Whether you want to make your daily list of chores or need to take down notes in a meeting. Whether you wish to document every interesting detail or your lives or need a book to fill with your creative works, this notebook by Doodle Collection is the perfect choice for each of these and more. This diary consists of 192 ruled A5 pages and each page is adorned with a themed artwork. Whats more, the end pages of this book also feature a beautiful theme-based design.

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