Thanos (Infinite Power) Notebook

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Have you ever thought what you would do if you had infinite power? If you possessed all the infinity stones and wore the infamous gauntlet? I hope you wouldnt want to do something bad for the world, because you know what happened the last time someone tried that? Even with his infinite power, thanks to all the infinity stones, Thanos, one of the most badass and all-powerful Disney super villain, could not achieve what he wanted to when the Avengers came together, prepared and in arms. Both sides, in this war, wanted to save the world in the way they believed to be true. So whose side were you on?Irrespective of the side you chose, everyone was impressed by Thanos and his all-powerful personality and so, Doodle Collection has launched this Thanos diary for fans like you and me. The front cover of this journal features Thanoss gauntlet with the words Infinite Power and the names of all the infinity stones in blind deboss, while all the infinity stones are featured in colour foil, which brings out a beautiful contrast. This diary consists of 192 ruled A5 pages that you can fill with your dreams and aspirations or your secrets and imagination.

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